Why the self-importance, the ego, the prejudice?

The other day, I chanced to watch the Chinese movie ‘Super Typhoon’ on Asian Movies Channel of Skynet at home. The natural disaster film was superb. But it wasn’t the story that sent me on a train of thoughts. The film started with a celestial view of the universe, including the planets and the myriads of stars, planet earth, and zooming onto a town in China, then zooming onto a young boy sitting near his pet gold fish in a glass bowl. Then the story unfolds, with the coming of the Super Typhoon. When the film comes to an end, the camera zooms away from the young boy to the planet earth, the revolving planets and the myriads of stars again. The typhoon in the story was indeed a big one, a real disaster of immense proportion. But it happens in a part of China only, just a portion of China, just a part of planet earth, which in turn is just one of the planets and the myriads of stars in the universe. What happens to each of us humans is nothing compared to what is happening around this planet of ours, this universe. So why the self-importance, the ego, the prejudice, the hatred……? And we are on this planet earth only for a short while, a very short time span….



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