Everything comes to an end?

Come to think of it, there are two types of people, those who never grow up, and those who do. So, what do you do, assuming that you belong to the second category, when you come face to face with the pendulum-like swinging moods and temperamental vagaries of some “children”? Just sit it out, wait it out. Till when? Till the situation comes to an end. Everything, except the expanse of the universe, comes to an end, either way. Either way?Yes, that’s right, either way. Either the “children” come to an end, or you come to an end. Most probably it is you who will  come to an end. Why? Because they are the  “children” and you are a grown up. And “children” are rich and powerful. Yes, don’t you know? They are the world! Of course, there’s another way. You can always join them and be a child once more!



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