I am an old man born in 1940 living in Myanmar. Rather eccentric, like solitude, early morning walks, blogging, gardening, reading and watching videos, TV. As I am at the threshold of the Twilight Zone, since a few years back I have been reviewing my life each and every sweet and not-so-sweet moments. And they all make a come-back, with the same intensity of feeling as in the past, like ghosts emerging eerily out of a dark misty night. Smoke gets in my eyes.

I believe that man should live close to nature as far as possible notwithstanding the demands of his career and the social demands of his immediate environment. I do not look at things through tinted glasses. I’m a simple man leading a straight forward simple lifestyle, with no big needs  for anything.  I have an open mind regarding religion and politics, not dogmatic in anything unless it comes to personal principles and my  lifestyle.

My weakness: I hate fakes.